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Hardcastle and McCormick:
Virtual Season Four

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Sherri: Monday, 16 Jan 2023, 10:05 pm (UTC)
From: Fraser, MI, USA

Hello -My sister and I just recently re-discovered the joy of watching "Hardcastle and McCormick" and have enjoyed reading fanzines and fanfiction by such talented fans/writers. We are excited to dive into this site and THANK YOU for keeping it up for people as they discover or revisit this exceptional show!Thank you,Sherri

marianoo: Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020, 3:43 am (EDT)
From: Essex

Your website is very nice, i have bookmarked it.

PR morgan: Monday, 02 Mar 2020, 9:39 am (EST)
From: shrewsbury

thanks for doing this website

Owlcroft: Monday, 02 Sep 2019, 8:39 pm (EDT)
From: Ritzville, WA

This new site should be operational in early September

Debbie Gregory: Sunday, 9/11/16, 1:03 AM

From: Lake Stevens

RODNEY SEXTON: Thursday, 3/24/16, 11:04 AM



veronika: Sunday, 9/6/15, 2:08 PM

thanks kirk hastings for thunder in vegas - very nice - hanky panky never read or heard before - sounds sweet - a very believeable story - very good written

From: austria

veronika krajnik: Saturday, 9/5/15, 7:57 PM

thanks paula douglas for another day in paradise - like your style of writing and the nice lady for mark - read it in one - so good cant stop !! i hold on myself to read all from 1 - 22 hope there is more from mark and noelani - great location for a story

From: austria

Norma: Sunday, 10/26/14, 12:26 PM

From: Virginia

Sheila Spencer: Wednesday, 4/30/14, 4:26 PM

I have been watching the 3 seasons of the show and just found out about the virtual 4th. I can't wait to read it. I truly enjoyed the relationship between Mark and Milton. If we could only have shows like that now to help teach this generation a few important lessons.

From: Illinois

James Downhour: Wednesday, 2/5/14, 11:22 AM

I have always been a huge fan of the show and its a pleasure to find another season of stories here. Thanks to all the authors who have put their time and heart into their stories. I look forward to reading them all.

From: Carterville, IL

P R: Tuesday, 12/17/13, 1:32 PM

I love the show its like son and dad I liked to see more videos of them

From: England

Randy Drewel: Wednesday, 9/11/13, 12:27 AM

Can anyone help answer a couple questions? How close were they from doing a 4th season or were they cancalled for bad ratings? Was there ever talk of doing a reunion 2-hour movie at all? That would have been the best!!

From: Lincoln, NE.

Leanne: Wednesday, 8/14/13, 2:46 AM

Love all these stories, especially skullduggery, and Deadweek. Virtual season 5 please.

From: Australia

Michael Brame: Thursday, 12/20/12, 4:29 PM

From: Alexandria,La

milo johnson: Monday, 11/19/12, 6:06 PM

sure miss the show

From: springdale arkansas

Kim B: Tuesday, 5/29/12, 8:11 AM

An excellant story to round out Season Four however the nonresolution is just mean. I really liked the "It's a wonderful Life" style scene in Part Four. I can't wait to see how it wil all end up.

From: Nebraska

Kim B: Tuesday, 5/22/12, 6:57 AM

So far so good. Very interesting and I want to know how this will end.

From: Nebraska

Barbara: Tuesday, 5/8/12, 11:15 AM

"Skullduggery" was fantastic-definitely one of the best Season 4 stories. All the characters were vividly drawn and I could picture every scene as if it were on TV. Which it should have been! And the lines that make Deb such a very special writer, like "...checking for odd details poking out at strange angles." I loved the way the Judge knows Mark so well that he could see right through him in scenes such as the one where Mark found the agent's body. Frank was wonderful, as usual. Finally, I loved all the baseball references, especially when Mark was trying to convince the guard he was with the band of the non-musical. The guard asked him what he played and Mark said "First base, mostly." I'm still laughing over that one! Just an all- around wonderful episode.

From: USA

Kim B: Tuesday, 5/8/12, 8:37 AM

This was a very good story. I think one of teh best one of the seasons. The plot holds together very well. The wierd characters and teh real-script Hamlet overlays are great. This would have played very well as a tv episode.

From: Nebraska

Kim BorowiaK: Tuesday, 4/17/12, 10:01 AM

I just finished "A Favor ro Teddy" and it was another great story from Arianna. I liked the contiuation of Mark's thoughts about what type of attorney he is going to be and what that might do to his ethics and thoughts of right and wrong. The suspense that is buildt up through the entire story makes it a page turner.

From: Nbraska

Marilyn Hay: Friday, 4/6/12, 10:35 PM

Lynn, LOL, I meant Too Many Crooks, with an 'r' in the last comment. Really loved Let It Snow. Man, can you set a scene or what! Currier and Ives indeed! You're so good at creating believable original characters. Thanks so much for all the stories you're contributing to the 'season'.

From: Canada

Marilyn Hay: Friday, 4/6/12, 10:13 PM

Lynn, I just finished Too Many Cooks. You have such a deft hand both with humor and with plots. You also are very skilled in creating believable OCs. Where did you learn your French? It's very good! Really enjoyed this. Thanks so much!

From: Canada

Marilyn Hay: Friday, 4/6/12, 9:22 PM

Lynn, I finally had a chance to read Ladies and Gentlemen. What a terrific story. You capture the aunts so well and, you also have the nuances of Mark and Milt's voices when the aunts are around. Simply delightful. Good plot, too. Larry would love it ....

From: Canada

Kim B: Tuesday, 4/3/12, 9:56 AM

A very enjoyable read. I liked the victim was the flashy wife who is usually one of the suspects. I liked the real-life troubles a team would have trying to put a less than amateur person onto the line-up unlike some tv episodes where it just happens. Plus everyone knows Mark isn't a real player just as everyone would know it in real life. Good Story.

From: Nebraska

Barbara: Tuesday, 4/3/12, 6:18 AM

I loved this story! It made me feel like I was really at the ballpark, and unlike a certain other baseball episode, this one was as accurate as a Mariano Rivera cutter. The references to the Police Commissioner were perfect and I see Lt. Carlton is now a Captain! I'm still laughing over Mark's comment: "I can outrun most bad guys, but not real athletes. They don't have guns so there's not as much incentive." A perfect story to celebrate the opening of the 2012 season! :-)

From: USA

Barbara: Tuesday, 3/20/12, 10:51 AM

I loved this story. It's always so interesting to see who accepts Mark, and who doesn't. Now he just has to work on winning over those dogs! The "guest stars" were terrific, and I enjoyed seeing a glimpse into Mark's childhood. Very well done!

From: USA

Kim B: Tuesday, 3/20/12, 8:12 AM

I really liked the latest fourth season story. It is always interesting when the Hardcastle and McCormick team interact with the supernatural. Plus it is interesting to see how the neighbors are eracting to Mark.

From: Nebraska

Barbara: Tuesday, 3/6/12, 6:29 AM

Aeiu, I think you have written one of the funniest H&McC stories I have ever read. I loved Hardcastle's analysis at the beginning of what might be bothering Mark, poor Mark and the masking tape for the shedding cat, and Mark's experiences with all the women whose names end with an E sound. It was a great touch to have him let Krissy get out of the Coyote during the chase scene. And good for the Judge - getting a date with a crime-busting FBI agent. Great story!

From: USA

Anthony: Wednesday, 2/29/12, 2:26 PM

I love this. I think that you have gotten the characters spot in. Welcome back and keep up the good work! Looking forward to sewason five soon hopefully??

From: Spokane Wa

Barbara: Tuesday, 2/21/12, 11:38 AM

I thought that nothing could match "Dead Man Switch," but I was wrong. "Something's Going On In This Town" is simply brilliant. The dialogue was very realistic and I could picture every scene as if I were watching it on TV. Best of all, we know that Mark can break out of jail. But now he's in law school, so he uses legal precedents to see the files and get out of jail. Of course, he made up the precedents, so thank goodness he can still run a good scam. Thank you for this wonderful story!

From: USA

Kim B: Tuesday, 2/21/12, 7:53 AM

I just finished "Something going on in this Town". It was incrediably good. I like the script-like writing to the story and I could see it as an actual episode of Hardcastle and McCormick. I liked it's reference to earlier shows and the fact that it is mostly Hardcastle in the episode. The dialouge was great and the mystery and solution was more than satisfying.

From: Lincoln, NE

RoseOSharon: Thursday, 2/16/12, 9:38 PM

Thanks for letting me be a part of the Group and for writing awesome stories for me to read! :D

From: My Mom? ;)

Kim B: Wednesday, 2/15/12, 2:44 PM

I've re-read Another Day in Paradise. I liked it then and I like it now. Mark's excitment about finally getting to Hawaii and the crime investigation they find along the way. If this had been an actual TV show, I would suspect that it was aproposal for a possible spin-off for a new TV show. Good writing.

From: Lincoln, NE

Georgi: Thursday, 2/9/12, 7:33 PM

AEIU--I haven't finished reading the story yet--but I couldn't wait to post a message! First, I just love your writing style and the way you capture the essence of the relationship between our heroes. I left off in a very suspenseful place--and I can't wait to get back to it. No spoilers here--just a big yahoo for confirming what I knew to be true about Sandy. More later--but THANK YOU for an amazing story!!

From: Wisconsin-USA

Owlcroft: Monday, 2/6/12, 6:10 PM

I want to be the first to thank and congratulate our newest episode author, AIEU. I know how much work you put into this story and I also know there's more to come. Thanks again for adding to season four!

From: Ritzville, WA

Barbara: Tuesday, 12/13/11, 11:58 AM

Great story, Georgi! Father Atia was always one of my favorite guest characters, so it was good to see him back again. I thought the whole issue of Milt keeping the truth from Mark was very well done - I don't think Milt will be doing that again! And Mark loving law school and getting straight A's was just what I was hoping for!

From: USA

L.M. Lewis: Tuesday, 12/13/11, 8:49 AM

Thanks for the end-of-term wrap-up, Georgi! I'm very fond of Fr. Atia, short though his canon career may have been, and I like the way you portrayed him as a man of practical faith with a deep desire to do the right thing, no matter what the cost. Thanks for bringing him back. Nice interactions between Mark, Milt, and Frank, too. I love Milt slipping into defense attorney mode at the drop of a hat, as well as how he accepts he rather justified chastisement from Mark. Nice call- back to previous episodes, and making lemonade out of potential continuity issues. Good work. I hope you've started on your next one. ;-)

From: USA

artiespet: Monday, 12/12/11, 7:18 PM

From: spokane wa

Georgi: Sunday, 12/11/11, 7:46 PM

Just loved Let it Snow...but will our guys EVER get to just take a vacation? Hope not...that would be boring! Loved the twists, and especially the creativity they showed to make sure Mark found his way back. I could hear the banging pans. THANKS!

From: USA

Barbara: Tuesday, 12/6/11, 1:38 PM

I loved the line when Mark said: "Before this turns into 'Little House on the Prairie,' Judge..." I had been thinking the exact same thing!

Daniela: Tuesday, 12/6/11, 6:41 AM

Let it snow - Nice story! Right today it started to snow here. Enjoyable to read that german food is so admired by our two guys.

From: Germany

LM: Tuesday, 12/6/11, 1:54 AM

Whoa, memo to self: proofread notes. That's "Nothing could be..." One too many hot buttered rums at this end.

L.M. Lewis: Tuesday, 12/6/11, 1:51 AM

Nothing good be cozier than sipping hot buttered rum in front of a roaring fireplace--unless perhaps it's a story by Lynn! Thanks for getting us all in the mood for a little winter weather and spending the holidays with some quirky characters.

From: USA

Georgi: Sunday, 12/4/11, 12:11 AM

I didn't realize HOW far behind I was! Yosemite Sam will be an all-time favorite for me! Its printed out and in my gym bag for yet another workout. Definite re-readability!! This kept me on the edge of my seat, wrapped in a blanket, and drinking hot coffee. Great action, and everything we've come to expect from our guys! AMAZING story...thank you so much, Arianna!!! Can't wait to read more!

From: USA

Georgi: Sunday, 12/4/11, 12:05 AM

I'm so far behind in my comments...sorry! Just loved Ladies and Gentlemen. I've sooooo missed the aunts and the trouble they can get poor Markie into! 'May shook her head at him, then suddenly smiled. ¿We've been learning to pick locks,¿ she chirped gleefully.' Yeah, just what Hardcase wanted to hear. But, of course, the were correct once again!! Such a nice story--and I can't wait to read more!

From: USA

L.M. Lewis: Tuesday, 11/22/11, 2:52 PM

Fingers was one of those intriguing one-shot characters who could easily have made a return visit, and now he has! My fave: the oh-so-French recipe for vehicular sabotage by potato.

From: USA

Barbara: Tuesday, 11/22/11, 12:37 PM

Mon Dieu, this was a very funny story! From "Phooeys and Fanfares" to the wonderful scene with Mattie, you had me laughing. Bernard the waiter and Joe Fingers were absolutely perfect. It's not often that I get to read a good story together with getting a gastronomic education! Plus, that "Team Improbable" show sounded like a real winner! ;-)

From: USA

Samuela: Tuesday, 11/22/11, 2:36 AM

As one of those who's always loved Hardcastle's snoopy aunts I'm awfully glad they're back, and even more so because you, Lynn--you captured their very essence. A charming episode to read while sipping your cup of tea. And it was nice of you to dedicate your story to LH, I believe he would be proud of you.

From: Italy

Barbara: Monday, 11/14/11, 8:52 PM

Aunt May and Aunt Zora - welcome back! What a perfect sequel to Lawrence Hertzog's wonderful episode. From feeding Mark seafood to help him with his finals, to aiding poor Frank with the investigation, to the classic scene of Mark teaching the Aunts how to pick locks-this story had it all. Ratiocination. Sherlock Holmes would have been proud. And I've already looked up the definition for Supremes de Volailles, so I'm ready for next week.

From: USA

L.M. Lewis: Monday, 11/14/11, 7:07 PM

Let me be the first to welcome back the ratiocinating Hardcastle aunts. They're fearless, proper, and very much in favor of adult education. A tour of the evidence room and the morgue anyone? Or perhaps a little practical skills session in free verse and lock picking with Mark? But nobody, not even their doggedly determined nephew Milt, gets between these two ladies and a crime that needs solving. A tip of my teacup (the one with the good stuff in it) to you, Lynn, for capturing their nuances perfectly.

From: USA

Samuela: Sunday, 11/13/11, 8:57 AM

I have to thank you, Arianna, for your marvellous episode--adventures in the wilderness turning into nightmares are my favorites, and you did a terrific job with the plot. I just loved the dialogues and relished the narration from beginning to end. Very well done!

From: Italy

Daniela: Tuesday, 11/8/11, 7:07 AM

Arianna, you wrote a really nice and warm story (not outside but inside)! Thank you. It would be interessting to read it again from Hardcastle's point of view.

From: Germany

L.M. Lewis: Tuesday, 11/8/11, 4:59 AM

Oh, Arianna, I knew we could count on you for making certain that routine camping trips always take a left turn into Death Valley!

From: USA

Iwana: Tuesday, 11/8/11, 12:59 AM

Oooops! Looks like old age is catching up with me, here. Terrific has only one f. The letters are so darn small I need glasses with coke bottle lenses to actually see them. That happens when you try to type with a cell phone. Goodness knows what the heck is gonna happen if I try to write a story.

From: South Africa

Iwana: Tuesday, 11/8/11, 12:23 AM

Well done, Arianna! Yosemite Sam is terriffic! Fan-ta-bu-lous! I've always loved the stories you've written in the past. My favourites. Very dramatic and emotional with that element of suspense. You've got talent, that's for sure. We want more!

From: South Africa

Marilyn (Arianna): Monday, 11/7/11, 5:17 PM

Kirk, hey, great Hallowe'en adventure! The story flowed smoothly and I could just see and hear it unfolding. VERY neat twist at the end, appropriate to the holiday! Well done! :)

From: Canada

Pony: Saturday, 11/5/11, 8:39 PM

I know I should be reading these stories in order, but I've had so little free time that I'm skipping around a bit. When I saw a Halloween fic, I had to read that close to the actual holiday. Nice going, Kirk! "Buried Treasure" plays out just like a series episode, with action, nefarious goings- on, the gal of the week in her sexy get-up, some humor and a spooky twist at the end. I look forward to seeing what you scare up for your next plot. P.

From: US of A

Georgi: Friday, 11/4/11, 5:17 PM

Kirk...I had NO IDEA all that was going on during the halloween party! No wonder I never saw Mark or the judge!!! Thanks for the halloween story...and the funny twist at the end. Are you sure Bill Bauer wasn't involved? Thanks, also, for all your amazing contributions to season 4. What a hoot! Georgi

From: USA

ODA: Thursday, 11/3/11, 7:44 AM

This is SO GREAT!!!!! thanks everybody for giving us such a wonderful continue to the best TV Show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Germany

L.M.Lewis: Tuesday, 11/1/11, 8:52 AM

Many thanks to Kirk for not only serving as the MC for the annual Gulls Way Board Halloween Bash, but also giving us with a holiday special right here on VS4 (not to mention providing the title graphics every week). So many hats! I know many of you are still catching up with your reading after last night's festivities, so no spoilers will be issued, just a wink and a nod (for now) to old friends from Season Two, not to mention Frank, and O.Henry.

From: USA

Georgi: Saturday, 10/29/11, 4:21 PM

Finally finished Dead Man Swith...and loved the story. I struggled a bit with the formatting (only because I printed it out since I do all my reading on the elliptical!!). Just loved learning some new background about Milt. And loved his reaction to what he learned. VERY INTERESTING! I could picture his office (INT, DARK), and LOVED the gift he received at the end. I think I see another story set up--and set up beautifully! I swear I could even hear when the flashlights fell... This season is turning out to be AMAZING!!! Can't wait to read more!

From: USA

Marillyn (Arianna): Wednesday, 10/26/11, 10:34 PM

Re: Dead Man Switch Deb, you never cease to amaze me. At first, I found the script format a bit awkward, a little 'distancing' in that it reminds us they're actors and the characters aren't real. But, very quickly, your story drew me in and I forgot all about format and everything else -- just wanted to know what happened next! Could not stop reading -- which is a problem because I'm on the road and have to be up early and it's 1:30 am! But no regrets. Really, really enjoyed the ep and the clever play/double meaning of the 'title'. Nice humor, great characterizations and dialogue. As always, so incredibly well done. You blow me away. LOL, can't say anything more specific without giving it all away. Just ... thanks so much.

From: Canada

Marillyn (Arianna): Wednesday, 10/26/11, 9:29 PM

Re: Thin Blue Line. Bravo, Mapu! Vintage Hardcastle and McCormick, and Frank, too! Lots of action, suspence, some nicely done h/c ... and just enough guilt on the Judge's part for not keeping Tonto in the loop to make it great! Interesting and delightfully nefarious bad guys. Thoroughly enjoyed the ep -- couldn't stop reading! Sure hope you'll be writing another! Thanks so much!

From: Canada

Georgi: Wednesday, 10/26/11, 4:24 PM

Just finished The Thin Blue Line...and have written a classic! This story had DEFINITE re- readability! So nice to see so much of Frank, and glad he didn't lose his head at all. In fact...he saved the day! Great banter, just the right amount of angst, and perfectly (and I mean perfectly) in character. This is what the series was all about. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Mapu!!

From: USA

Marillyn (Arianna18): Tuesday, 10/25/11, 10:32 PM

Just finished 'A Matter of Trust' by Samuela, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great action sequences, wonderful descriptions, and I could hear the characters' voices in the well paced dialogue. Suspence and a bit of h/c (poor Mark!) -- what more could anyone want? Fun ep and an excellent addition to season four. Thanks Samuela!

From: Canada

Barbara: Tuesday, 10/25/11, 6:35 AM

Deb, you wrote an incredible script. Terrific plot and all the dialogue between Mark and the Judge was exactly right. I thought the script format might be hard to follow, but after the first few paragraphs I was completely drawn into the story. To top it off, the Epilogue was right up there with the best ones ever written for the original show!

From: USA

Iwana: Monday, 10/24/11, 2:41 PM

I am thrilled to have discovered virtual season 4. The 26 year H&M drought is finally over. Phew! I loved every episode so far, and can't wait to read more. I loved the last one by Mapu. It captures the essence of the relationship between Mark and Milt beautifully as well as the role Frank plays in their lives. Fabulous!

From: South Africa

Samuela: Monday, 10/24/11, 7:08 AM

I've just finished reading your episode, Mapu, and just loved it--you nailed the characters, the plot is simply brillant and there's a lot of good banter too. I hope you're planning on writing more.

From: Italy

L.M. Lewis: Tuesday, 10/18/11, 8:02 AM

Good work, Mapu! Nice to see Frank getting center stage- -and he knows who to turn to when the chips are down.

From: USA

Georgi: Tuesday, 10/18/11, 7:18 AM

Samuela, WONDERFUL job on "A Matter of Trust." It had all of my favorite components--great banter, Frank, more great banter, just enough angst, and the chemistry we all love. I could picture every minute of the episode. Can't wait to read more stories from you!!

From: USA

Marilyn: Thursday, 10/13/11, 11:31 PM

Well done, Kirk! Thunder in Las Vegas was vintage H&M! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!

From: Canada

L.M. Lewis: Thursday, 10/13/11, 5:24 AM

Just finished rereading "A Matter of Trust". You did a great job, Samuela--there's lots of action but you never lose sight of the relationships, which is what made the show tick. I hope this is the first of many!

From: USA

Marilyn: Wednesday, 10/12/11, 11:44 PM

Just read Paula's 'Another Day in Paradise' and loved it! Great romp, just like the old days, with an elaborate sting, a beautiful woman, greedy villain, and a takedown almost gone bad with both Milt and Mark at risk! Who could possibly ask for more? Oh, and yeah, the descriptions of gorgeous Hawaii were lovely, too! Paula, you had the characters nailed. Thanks so much!

From: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Georgi: Wednesday, 10/12/11, 9:10 AM

I'm about a week behind, sorry! Just loved "Third time pays for all." I like Sonny--and I always thought he meant well. Loved the twist at the end-- and hoping I actually understood what happened! When the Yahoo group finishes discussing the first 3 seasons, I hope we move on to #4 so I can have some questions answered. Great job--so looking forward to the rest of the season :-)

From: USA

Kim Borowiak: Tuesday, 10/11/11, 5:04 PM

I really am enjoying this fourth season series of stories. I have become a real fan of the hardcastle and mccormick stories. I am searching to collect some of the hard copy fanzines. Currently I am looking for the hardcastle and McCormick Zine "The Pro and the Con". Anyone have any leads? You can reach me at Thanks.

From: Nebraska

Barbara: Tuesday, 10/11/11, 8:38 AM

Oops - sorry about the weird upside-down question marks. I guess you can't copy and paste!

From: USA

Barbara: Tuesday, 10/11/11, 8:35 AM

I agree with Lynn and would add that I'm still laughing over this exchange: ¿You shouldn¿t be reading my psychology books, Judge,¿ Mark said, looking wryly amused. ¿Why not? They¿re interesting,¿ Hardcastle protested. ¿Because I read them to get an edge over you. This way you¿re thwarting my efforts.¿ McCormick smiled broadly.

From: USA

Lynn Walker: Tuesday, 10/11/11, 1:36 AM

Samuela, I had to comment on your episode. It was exciting, satisfying, and altogether marvellous. The characters were so clear I could almost hear them speaking the lines. The action was paced just perfectly and your writing was skilled and engrossing. I look forward to your next story, whenever it appears, and I hope it will be _soon_.

From: Ritzville, WA

Pony: Wednesday, 10/5/11, 10:27 PM

Cheri, the site looks great. Very professional! I've read the first epi and am about halfway through the second. Great action, Paula. It's obvious you've done a fair bit of reseach and know both your location and your subject matter. You create a long, complex plot and keep it moving along nicely with good pacing. Thanks for the read! Pony

From: U.S.A.

Barbara: Tuesday, 10/4/11, 12:13 PM

L.M. Lewis and Lynn Walker have done it again! This story had it all - exciting plot, fantastic writing, and great characters. I loved seeing so many people from earlier episodes, and their personalities and dialogue were absolutely perfect. Great job!

From: USA

Samuela: Tuesday, 10/4/11, 12:29 AM

Episode 3 is up already? Ah, I knew I would slip behind schedule at some point, but didn't expect to do it so early. Anyway, Kirk, I loved your quotation of Rolling Thunder--well done!

From: Italy

Georgi: Thursday, 9/29/11, 4:36 PM

Great story, Kirk! I love the compromise of the law student status, but still going after the big cases. And, always love to see Barbara. Hope to see more of her. The first 2 stories have set the bar pretty high...and I'm sure more greatness is on its way! THANKS

From: USA

Georgi: Thursday, 9/29/11, 4:34 PM

I wanted to comment again on Paula's story. My first trip to Honolulu was in 1984, and you hit all the highlights. Duke's is still my favorite spot for Hula Pie and great fish, and all of your other scenery was described beautifully. Not just a great story, but a nice mini vacation for us all! THANK YOU

From: U

Judy: Wednesday, 9/28/11, 3:42 PM

Paula! Loved the story (I'm behind as usual in reading). You captured the characters beautifully and your descriptions of HI, made me think I was there again. Great plot and your scene set up was right on the $$ from start to finish. I love this whole idea, and this is a great start.

From: WI

Georgi: Wednesday, 9/28/11, 10:57 AM

Just finished Paula's and LOVED IT. I can't tell you how much fun it is to see this all happening. Great banter, same fuzzy characters. Can't wait to keep reading!

From: USA

Ursula: Tuesday, 9/27/11, 10:32 AM

Hi, another good one, I had to laugh, when I read the name Johnny Saxon. Who recognised it too? greetings Ursula

From: Austria

LM Lewis: Monday, 9/26/11, 8:15 PM

Thanks, Kirk, I needed that! And my favorite line: "Judge, are you crazy?" Mark shouted back. "You want me to shoot at my own car? I want that car back! It's all I have left of Flip! Besides, if I trash it Barbara will kill me!"

From: USA

Barbara: Monday, 9/26/11, 7:51 PM

Thanks for the story, Kirk. Even though I love Mark in law school, it's nice to see that he can still put his unique skill set to good use!

From: USA

Sandra: Monday, 9/26/11, 7:07 PM

Wonderfull writing! You should be doing this for a living. (Assuming you're not) :) Thank-you!

From: Gresham OR

Samuela: Monday, 9/26/11, 12:06 AM

Great start! Thanks so much, Paula, for bringing us back to the 80s with a new adventure of our favorite guys, and thank you, Cheri, for putting this together.

From: Italy

Ursula: Sunday, 9/25/11, 1:25 AM

Hi, ich can just say: thank you, thank you, thank you. I think, you cought the show exactly. I could nearly see this episode on my TV. regards Ursula

From: Austria

Judy: Saturday, 9/24/11, 6:01 PM

AWESOME! Absolutely love it. You all are amazing in the fact that there's always a new idea, H & M will never die. I'm going to read now!

From: WI

Daniela: Saturday, 9/24/11, 5:40 AM

Fantastic idea, great first story - thanks to all of you who made this work! I'm a great fan of H&M so I'm really enjoying it. Greetings from Germany and just the best to all of you. H&M lives!

From: Germany

Lynn Walker/Owlcroft: Friday, 9/23/11, 9:34 PM

Alex from Argentina -- I'd love to get you a copy of the series on DVD. Contact me at Alex and everybody else, please check out the fan site at We have a lot of fun there, and there's lots more to come!

From: Ritzville, WA

Cheri: Friday, 9/23/11, 8:14 PM

Many thanks to Paula for the perfect pre-season kick- off: a good story, some action to move things along, and the Milt and Mark we've come to know and love!

From: OK

Barbara: Friday, 9/23/11, 8:06 PM

I posted some comments on Gull's Way, but I just wanted to say thank you to Paula for the great episode. It was a wonderful way to start Season Four.

From: USA

LM Lewis: Friday, 9/23/11, 7:40 PM

Thanks for the memories, Paula! Loved the pre-season special--great banter and the right amount of nail- biting!

From: USA

Keith: Friday, 9/23/11, 6:29 PM

H&McC is my favorite show ever!

From: Florida

Kimberly Borowiak: Friday, 9/23/11, 5:30 PM

A big fan of hardcastle and mccormick fan fiction as of this past year. I used to enjoy watching the show

From: Lincoln, NE

Alex Marcos: Friday, 9/23/11, 9:10 AM

Congratulations on this wonderfull idea!!! I´m a hugh fan of H&M, I saw the original show back in the ´80. A couple of year ago I found out the fanfiction site.. I read all the H&M fanfic. I only wish I could be able to look the original episodes again.. Thanks for this inciative. I can´t wait to read season four!!

From: Argentina

MIKEE MROCZKA: Tuesday, 9/20/11, 8:51 AM


JBB1125: Monday, 9/12/11, 10:00 AM

Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait! Thanks, writers!!!

From: Texas

Samuela: Sunday, 6/12/11, 12:20 AM

You did a terrific job, Cheri. Bravissima!

From: Italy

Owlcroft: Friday, 6/10/11, 11:01 PM

Beautiful job, as always, Cheri! Allow me to pour you a glass of that virtual champagne and pass the virtual cookies your way. Happy Fourth Season, everyone!

From: Ritzville, WA

LM Lewis: Friday, 6/10/11, 12:41 PM

It works like a well-oiled clock, Cheri. I am totally impressed. My under-employed muse is jumping up and down and saying "Whee!" My heartfelt thanks for putting it all together. A virtual bottle of champagne and box of cookies for you.

From: USA

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